Ghost Elite Group

Ghost Elite is a private signals group, you will receive access to all Crypto Ghost’s personal trades including BTC, ETH and more. Once you are granted the Skull Ranger tag in our Discord community, you will be able to see in real-time Crypto Ghost’s exclusive signals including risk management instructions. In addition you can access the Elite Discussion channels to share ideas, ask questions and profit of the cryptocurrency trends.


They are based on awesome technical analysis by awesome profitable traders with proven records.

But just signals won’t help you make money because you’re the one behind the wheels and the moment you feel fear or greed you start making mistakes, so the real benefit is we are there to make sure you don’t do them and the signals are there as well.

Trading Bots

We will provide you access to our private live signals from our trading bots, our primary bot is the trend following trading bot which is currenently trading live with our capital.

The strategy tries to take advantage of long, medium or short term trends and does not aim to forecast or predict specific price levels. You can expect frequent small losses and big winners, trend following strategies can still be profitable with low win rate, It’s all about your average win vs average loss percentage-wise. It performs best in trending market conditions and performs poorly in range-bound market conditions, to overcome this trend following weakness it’s best to combine it with a mean-reversion strategy.

Our Trading Bot Stats For January 2019 - January 2020

Technical Analysis

Welcome to Doc Analysis – I’m your doctor and I’m here to revive you from your losing streaks by providing insights and analysis for you to act on – HF-AND-BE-PROFITABLE!

Learn To Be A Profitable Trader

Our group is here to support you in that journey, the traps and the common mistakes are common and joining Ghost Elite is just a faster way to become and to learn how to be a profitable trader.

To be a good trader you need to do a trading journal and to keep yourself accountable which is hard to do by yourself. It’s very similar to how reinforcement learning in AI works to be great at trading you have to make mistakes over and over again and you learn from those mistakes as you do them. 

Joining Ghost Elite is a shortcut build upon years of mistakes to avoid mistakes and to avoid losing money, That’s why being part of a Ghost Elite provides you with the best feedback loop to be successful trader right now and not in a couple of years.